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 Hebei baiyuan rubber products co., ltd. is an enterprise that integrates production, processing and import and export trade. My company is located in hebei province total, traffic developed, beijing-kowloon railway, 308 national road, silver green highway running through, 150 kilometers away from shijiazhuang airport and jinan, specializing in the production of various materials compound extrusion, sheet extrusion, xiangsu products docking molding, injection molding parts, mold parts, standard parts, o-rings, etc., the annual production capacity of 5600 tons. At the same time, there are more than 30,000 kinds of physical and chemical rooms, measuring rooms, testing and measuring equipment and various types of sealing strip molds, which have formed a one-stop production line mode of raw material allocation, mold development and product molding. The company makes full use of the advantages of technical personnel research and development: EPDM (EPDM) rubber sealing strip, EPDM foam, sponge rubber, rubber sealing strip, PVC seals, high temperature (320 ℃), silica gel, non halogen flame retardant sealing strip, dense - sponge - three composite, four composite steel reinforced sealing strip, article soft plastic - hard plastic compound, solid - rubber - electrostatic flocking sealing strip, PVC/CPVC/ABS/TPE material extrusion composite article, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) sealing, decoration, window of model steel door sealing strip, aluminum alloy doors and Windows, doors and Windows, automatic door sealing strip, damping seal construction curtain wall rubber and plastic, the refrigerator door seal, container Box sealing strip, refrigerating car sealing strip, wing car sealing strip, refrigerating door sealing strip, automobile sealing strip, door glass chute strip, door sponge rubber strip, windshield sealing strip, automobile doors and Windows sealing strip, train doors and Windows sealing strip.

The company adhere to the "quality first, integrity-based" business policy, is willing to provide you with excellent after-sales service products.


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